Simensecuur Userís Manual



Please avoid the pan bottoms from direct contact with salt.  Salt particles may cause white spots on the medical steel we use in saucepan and pan production. Though it has no health hazards, it may become an eyesore. Even if such spots occur, they will disappear as you keep on using the product.



Wash your Simensecuur utensils thoroughly with hot water and dishwashing detergent before the first use. Then, lubricate the inner surface of your pans with edible oil and wipe off with paper towel. Repeat this process on your pans occasionally. Temporary white mineral salt spots will form on your utensilís bottoms. These are harmless. But if you find them annoying, they will immediately disappear as you wipe them off with some vinegar or lemon juice.  


Do not keep acidic products such as pure lemon juice, tomato paste, mayonnaise, vinegar and over-salty water within your saucepans more than 6 hours. Do not conserve very sour or soured food in your utensils for more than 2 days. If you use salt in your food, please prefer using it while the meal is cooking. Otherwise, pinhead sized spots may occur on the medical steel. Although this will not affect the quality of you utensils, it may cause eyesores.


To avoid causing dints on your utensils, cut the products somewhere else, after taking them out. Do not use devices such as mixers, etc. within the utensils.


Bodies and bases of Simensecuur products can resist very high temperatures. Although it may show tenuous bluish coloration in temperatures over 350 degrees Celsius, this has no harmful effects on the product and it will disappear as a matter of course as you keep on using the product. While cooking a meal, liquids within the saucepan can not exceed 100 degrees anyway. Do not forget your utensils on direct flame while empty. After emptying your utensils, put warm/hot water in until you wash them. This will facilitate washing your saucepans.


While using your Simensecuur kitchenware on electric furnaces, please note that the hot region of the furnace shall not be bigger than the diameter of the saucepan or the pan. In gas furnaces, avoid flames to overflow the base. This will not speed up the cooking process but will only heighten your gas expenses for nothing and complicate the maintenance of your utensils. After putting your meal on the furnace, increase the heat by ĺ. In 3-5 minutes, saucepanís base will accumulate sufficient heat. Now you can decrease the heat to half or 1/3 position. Some 5 minutes before the completion of the cooking process, completely close down the furnace heat. Throughout this cooking process, keep the cover closed as much as possible. This will make your meals delicious and enable them to cook quicker.


You can use automatic handled Simensecuur  utensils also in your ovens. For that purpose, first remove the handles before putting the utensil into oven and then, when the meal is ready, use them to take your utensils out of the oven. Do not close the utensils with the cover before putting into oven. Your automatic handled utensils will occupy very small place in your kitchen since you can easily superposition them and they are very practical to use.


Frying without adding oil in Simensecuur  Utensils


Heat up your pan on high heat for 1-3 minutes without adding oil. Sprinkle a few drops of water using a fork. If the water drops roll in the pan, it means that the special base is heated up sufficiently. Halve the heat. After spicing up -if desired- the meat (unsalted), place it into the pan and apply pressure on it with the backside of a fork in order to dispel air from under the meat. (Attention: Do not apply pressure on the meat on grill pan). The meat will stick on the pan bottom for 2-3 minutes and then it will come loose. After flipping the meat apply pressure on it again and immediately close the cover. In conventional electric furnaces, turn off the heat and in gas and induction furnaces turn the heat down to the lowest level. Your meat will be ready in 5-10 minutes. Then you can serve it also by using the delicious sauce accumulated in your pan and adding some salt and spices. Readying time for the fried food depends on the size of your pan and the power of your furnace. You can learn this duration by trying after a few uses. If you want to fry your meats by adding oil, please use as few oil as possible.


Cooking Vegetables without Water in Simensecuur  Utensils


Thoroughly wash the vegetables and put them into your saucepan. Do not add water and please pay attention that 3/4 of your saucepan is filled. After closing the cover, leave the meal to cook on ĺ heat. Turn the heat down to the lowest level, when the cover heats up as much as you can not touch, or before vapor comes out between the cover and the pan, In practical terms, even the heat of a candlelight is enough.. Please do not open the cover until the meal is cooked. If you open it by accident, add 1-2 tablespoon of  hot water into your meal. Cooking vegetables without water will offer big advantages in terms of taste, health and fuel/power consumption. Approximate cooking times are as follows:


      a-   Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage                          20 min.

      b-   Green beans                                                    45 min.

      c-   Carrot, potatoes                                                          40 min.

      d-   Mushroom, spinach, tomatoes, green peas        10 min.