Simensecuur and your health


       1 - Avoid cooking your stews and fries at high temperatures. High temperatures will cause C-reactive proteins to increase by disintegrating invert sugar in foods and lead to release of AGE (anti-glycation end products) agents. High rates of C-reactive proteins are among the causes of heart diseases. Please note that the meals you will cook at low heats with Simensecuur will keep you and your beloved ones away from risks.

2-      2- Nutrients of the meals you will cook with Simensecuur without using water (or with only 2 dessertspoons of water, if desired) will substantially be protected.  Researches has revealed that vitamin values of the meals cooked without water are conserved up to 98%, while those cooked with ordinary methods can conserve only 58%.

3-        3 - With Simensecuur, you may use lesser oil in your meals (no oil is recommended for meats). This opportunity helps you in controlling the fat index of your body and loosing weight when you want.


 4 - You use lesser salt in the meals you cook with Simensecuur. While cooking without water, the natural salts within the foods are conserved, without being released to water, so that adding salt becomes unnecessary. This especially helps you to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.

The  5 - The colors, shapes and tastes of the meals you cook in our saucepans remain natural. Thus, you will not only serve gustative difference on your dinner table but will also create a visual difference and reach to perfection.

6-      6 - Medical steel used will not allow bacteria to settle. Thereby you can also feed your children with the delicious meals you cook with Simensecuur.