Brief History of Our Company


Our company was founded in 1982, in Belgium, under the name of Simens Belgium and it took up business the next year, with the kitchenware designed by its own engineers and produced in Belgium.

In 1984, in Hilversum and then in Beek, in Netherlands, under the same name; and again in 1984 with Edelstahl GmbH in Hückelhoven, Germany; later in 1985 with ADO Edelstahl Geraete, in Lausanne, Switzerland; in 1986 with Edelstahl Haushalt Geraete Ges.m.b.H., in Salzburg, Austria, it started to spread its activities all across Europe.

After doing business under the name of Edelstaal BVBA as a limited company between 1985 and 1988, in 1988 it took the name of S.A. Edelstaal International N.V. and converted into a corporation. Later, in early 1990’s, kitchenware supporting the induction furnaces newly launched in USA were offered to the use of our customers, under Simtronic brand.

Our company took the name of SA Simtronic NV in 2005. By considering the experiences gained in the past 28 years, as well as the opinions, complaints and recommendations from our thousands of customers in 5 countries, design of a new model compatible with these demands is started. The kitchenware produced after long studies and test are offered to our valued customers under Simensecuur brand, in September 2008.





Our company president